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What You Need To Know About EcoPruner

We, The EcoPruner team, spend our days finding the best sustainable information, brands, products, news stories, and happenings on the web. We aim to educate and help the community (or interested folk) separate the fact from fiction. Through our product reviews on brands, companies, services, etc we hope to shed a little light behind the curtain of ‘eco’ in the modern age. You will get your chance too as on each review we invite you to share your experience and have your say (good or bad).

Coming soon, our weekly mailer will be sent straight to your mailbox with our intention of it becoming a daily mailer – forget snail mail.

A greener and more sustainable future is our goal as we crunch (via our blog) the freshest fashion, business, tech, food, politics, energy articles, and more. The EcoPruner website promises to keep you informed and up to date with everything eco-friendly that’s happening under the sun. There is a lot of misinformation around which is why we created this platform. It’s a space to rate, compare, showcase, and expose sustainable living around the world. What can be done, who is doing it, why it’s necessary and when the right time is (spoiler alert: It’s now).

We bring you reviews, articles, and stories to make you a better, more conscious global citizen. Our micro articles ensure that you are awakened to ethical global issues. You can contribute to healing our world by simply being more aware and conscious of your lifestyle. It starts with baby steps, micro changes. Like your morning ginger shot – we are short and hard-hitting.

Why do we need Eco brands that try their best for us?

In a world that’s constantly changing, it’s important to read the information that makes us more aware of and proactive in the challenges that our world is facing. A little awareness today will lead to a greener tomorrow for us all! We all want to be part of a cause, and we can do that by changing our buying habits to products that look to take as little from the word as possible.

Who we are?

We are content writers, eco-strategists, digital evangelists, who come from different walks of life to share the goal of making sustainability awareness fun to digest and easy to spread. We joined forces with the goal of bringing a smile to our readers – even though it may be cheesy at times (vegan of course).

From the start, we give you summaries on a range of categories chosen to expose brands ‘doing eco good’.

About EcoPruner