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~ At a Quick Glance

  • Founded: 2012
  • Origin: USA
  • Located: USA
  • Focus: Hemp-based clothing
  • Sustainable Materials: Hemp and organic cotton
  • Most Popular Item: Recreator Black Hemp Sweatshirt

~ Brand Details

Founded with the intention of maximizing the benefits of hemp, Recreator is retailing hemp clothing that you would never guess comes from the cannabis plant. Their luxury items are as comfortable as they are stylish, made from industrialized hemp and designed to bring cannabis into the world of high fashion.

Since 2010, Recreator has been striving to deliver the highest quality fashion products in the USA. Their vision also included cultivating key relationships in the hemp fiber supply chain in the USA and abroad. The founders of Recreator have always recognized the potential of cannabis and their goal is to reach that potential – and to do it in style. 

The hemp textile industry used to flourish in the USA in times gone by – but all of that prosperity came grinding to a halt in 1937. The USA introduced the Prohibition of Cannabis by the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act and everything hemp and cannabis went underground, the hemp industry became illegal, and any potential that hemp had was swept away. It was not until 2014 that hemp was decriminalized and brands could start to use it again. With the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp projects started to see the light again. This was when Recreator was founded. They soon became one of the leading brands in the hemp revolution.

Technology vastly improved surrounding hemp – the once brittle and rough textile could now be manufactured into soft and comfortable clothing. Recreator used this to their advantage and created beautiful hemp clothing that looked nothing like how the public has come to imagine hemp.

Recreator ensures that all of the hemp that they use is sourced from sustainable farms, both internationally and in the U.S. They work alongside farmers in the USA, always ensuring that the highest quality products possible are being farmed while doing little to no damage to the environment.

It is not as hard to farm hemp sustainably as it can be with other plants. Hemp is an inherently sustainable crop that does not require pesticides, requires little to no additional water, and grows rapidly fast. This minimizes the amount of land needed to grow hemp while ensuring that the land is not damaged in the process. Hemp actually nourishes the ground that it is grown on and leaves it better than before it was planted. All of these factors make hemp an attractive product for brands who want to focus on sustainability – Recreator is one of them.

‘From Seed to Stitch’ is Recreator’s logo – and it speaks of how vigilant they are in their process, from start to finish. Recreator knows that if they take care of the beginning of the process, then the final product will be of the highest quality possible. They understand the importance of every step, from farming to production to retailing. 

Recreator thinks that the future of hemp will include regional farms, but they also understand that they are currently working in an underdeveloped market. As such, a lot of their industrial hemp is sourced from China. 

China has not been faced with the over-regulation of cannabis in the same way that the U.S. has. They are currently the global leaders in industrialized hemp. They have years of experience with hemp that has not been disturbed by the same laws that America has seen.

Recreator imports most of its fabric from China to California. In California, the production begins. They combine low-impact locally sourced dyes into their process. 

A lot of Recreators products are handmade and the brand takes pride in working with trusted and experienced partners to ensure long-lasting, durable, high-quality clothing. Recreator strives to go against the norms of fast fashion and deliver products that are as durable as they are fashionable. Their products are designed to stand the test of time and make you look sleek in the process. 

In today’s fast fashion culture, Recreator takes a distinctly different approach.

Recreator brings regenerative farming practices to the fashion industry and strives to make an environmental impact. They understand that the fashion industry ranks closely behind oil and agriculture when it comes to environmental impact. Recreator is striving to change that norm and to make the world of fashion a better and eco-friendlier place. 

Recreator’s vision is simple – to make people more comfortable than they ever thought they could be while wearing hemp. 

Recreator clothing is perfect for any occasion – whether it’s cruising the city or exploring nature, going to the gym or having a night out on the town. Recreator has got you covered.

Their clothing utilizes the natural versatility of hemp and creates different textiles for different clothing needs – some soft, some stretchy, some warm – all equally sustainable. Their fabric is soft, breathable, odor-resistant and climate responsive. It’s also UV protective and has antimicrobial properties. These are factors that naturally come hand in hand with hemp. With Recreator, everything starts with what they deem as the best fiber in the world – hemp fiber. 

Recreator Logo and Review
Recreator Clothing Review


~ Rating

5 STARS – Recreator is a sustainable brand that sells fashionable clothing that is functional for any occasion. They have broken down the stereotypes of what cannabis clothing is while growing cannabis culture and investing in local hemp production in the USA. 

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~ Brand Breakdown

Recreator was one of the first brands to jump on the hemp brand wagon when it became decriminalized and have been leading the way in the hemp industry ever since. They aim to break down the ideas that people have about hemp clothing with their luxurious brand that prides itself on being both comfortable durable.

Recreator wants to see a regional and locally focused future in hemp. They aim to establish more hemp farms in the USA and move away from Chinese products in the future.

Not a stereotypical hemp brand – Recreator has made its own place in the industry by changing our expectations of what hemp clothing actually it. 


  • Hemp is highly sustainable
  • High-quality products


  • Limited range
  • Only available in the USA

Hemp requires far fewer chemicals and less water than conventional cotton – so it really is amazing to see the hemp industry booming. Hemp textiles are also more durable than cotton textiles, meaning that they can last longer before needing to be discarded and replaced. Less waste is never a bad thing. 

Hemp plants and building materials absorb huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. They are the only carbon negative plants.

Top 5 Selling Items

Black Hemp Leggings

Activewear made for any occasion – these hemp-based leggings are super soft and stretchy. Designed to be climate-responsive and to wick away water, they are naturally odor-resistant. A durable pair of leggings that will not let you down whether you’re hitting the gym or a night out.

53% Hemp/ 43% Org. Cotton/ 4% Lycra

Natural Hemp Henley

A lightweight white jersey that is super smooth and wearable under any condition. It is designed to keep you warm and stylish all in one. Hemp textiles help to minimize odors and limit washes because of their natural anti-microbial properties. 

70% organic cotton/ 30% hemp

Sow Camo Hemp Sweatshirt

With a gorgeous recreator graphic and made from plush yet durable hemp, this comfortable sweatshirt is the perfect casual fashion item. It is available in black only and is designed to dry quickly and be extremely warm but still breathable, making it suitable to wear under most weather conditions. Like most Recreator products, it is made in California from imported hemp textiles. 

55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton

Black Hemp Sweatshirt

Made from a soft plush mixture of hemp and organic cotton, it is designed to be durable and breathable. This stylish sweatshirt is only available in black. It has a ribbed end closure that ensures mobility and a tight crew neck to keep in warmth. It is handmade in California from imported hemp textiles. 

55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton

Charcoal Hemp Crop Top 

Casual and stylish, comfortable and elegant, this crop top hemp solution is a fashion favorite. It has long sleeves but its breathable texture allows it to be worn in any weather conditions, cold or warm. It has a wide neck for draping shoulders and comes in a stylish shade of charcoal. Pair with leggings if working out, jeans or a skirt if stepping out. Lycra has been added for added to make it extra stretchy and suitable for working out in.

64% Org. Cotton / 28% Hemp / 8% Lycra

~ Final Thoughts

Recreator’s stylish fashion line is challenging our expectations of hemp clothing. It is far from the hippy clothes that come to mind when we think of hemp. Their products are stylish and sustainable, making them both a fashion favorite and an environmentally conscious choice. 

~ Q&A’s

Is hemp present in all of Recreator’s products?


What other textiles are used?

Organic cotton is commonly used. Some products also contain Lycra. All products are dyed with eco-friendly dyes

Where does the hemp come from?

Most of the hemp is imported from China, but Recreator is working towards utilizing more American-grown hemp

Does Recreator have an online store?

Yes. Recreator ships their products nationwide. You can even get free shipping with a purchase of $100 or more. 

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