Best Sanuk Footwear Review

~ At a Quick Glance

  • Founded: 1997
  • Origin: California
  • Located: Global
  • Focus: Footwear
  • Sustainable Materials: Hemp, sustainable cotton
  • Most Popular Item: Donna Hemp Chill

~ Brand Details

Sanuk describes themselves as an unconventional cult brand on a fun, comfy, inventive quest to make your feet smile and put a grin on your chin. They specialize in earth-friendly footwear and their vision involves making the world a happier place. 

Striving to make more conscious footwear, Sanuk always opts for the sustainable option when choosing the ingredients that they make their products from. Some of their top-selling items are made from hemp and they have become leaders in hemp footwear. Other sustainable ingredients that they utilize are organic wool and sustainable cotton. Sanuk ensures that their cotton only comes from sustainable farms and that their wool is completely ethically farmed. They have vegan-friendly options that contain no wool or animal products. All of their product descriptions come with the label ‘vegan’ or ‘vegetarian’. 

~ Backstory

Since 1997, founder Jeff Kelley has had one simple goal – to make people smile and pass it on. Their mission is to be the clothing brand that guides its customers to happiness. Sanuk believes that nature is happiness, and therefore they revolve their business around using and protecting nature in their product production.

Sanuk hails from California, the cannabis capital of the USA, so it comes as no surprise that they have an extensive range of hemp products. They also have strictly vegan products and define the rest as vegetarian. Vegan products have absolutely no wool or animal products.

Comfortable footwear is their specialty, but they have something suitable for almost any occasion in their extensive, inclusive and eco-friendly range.

Their vast product range boasts a lot of fun collections, including Puff N Chill, Grateful Dead Collection, Feel-Good Styles, Chill, and Vegan Footwear. They are mostly orientated towards beach and casual wear but also dabble in outdoor wear of other kinds, boots, and slippers.

The focus is generally on Sanuk’s version of feel-good locations. Coming from California, you can imagine the beach vibes and outdoor lifestyle that influences their vision of happiness and happiness orientated footwear.

Sanuk has a handy tool on their website that helps you find a store near you. They have expanded far beyond their Californian roots. If a store is out of reach, rest assured – Sanuk ships their footwear all over the world. To make it even easier, they offer free shipping for products over $35.

Sanuk Review
Sanuk Footwear Review


~ Rating

4 STARS – Sanuk is clearly a fun and innovative brand with environmentalism always at the forefront of their minds. They lose some points because of the limited appeal of their ranges that exclude some of the most popular styles of footwear. 

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~ Public Rating

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~ Brand Breakdown

Sanuk’s footwear doesn’t follow fast fashion trends. Their products are designed to be durable and comfortable. If you’re looking for the latest trendy pair of heels, then Sanuk probably is not the brand for you. If you’re looking for comfortable, fun footwear that will stand the test of time while delivering luxurious levels of comfort, then Sanuk is the brand to help you put your best foot forward!

They are leaders in eco-friendly footwear – an aisle of sustainable fashion that is often overlooked! Footwear is just as important as any other aspect of our wardrobes. Sanuk designs everything with sustainability in mind and their entire mission is to deliver happiness via quality products.

Since 1997, Sanuk has been developing an extensive footwear range for every occasion. We can only assume that they will keep it up and grow even bigger in the future. Maybe they will even expand into other items of fashion apparel – it would be interesting to see their brand expand into a comfortable but fashionable fashion beyond footwear.

Sanuk is one of the leading brands when it comes to hemp footwear. Hemp is a booming market that seems to be growing every day. Sanuk has had their foot in the door for a long time! Now that hemp is expanding as a market, they are growing with it. Sanuk is the brand on the tip of everyone’s tongue when hemp footwear is being discussed.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Weather-resistant


  • Not suitable for formal wear
  • Excludes some popular types of footwear

Sanuk’s products are all made with sustainability in mind. Whether we are talking about hemp, organically sourced cotton, or recycled materials, they always use the most environmentally-friendly option available.

Beyond their own products, Sanuk has partnered with Surfrider Foundation – a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of oceans and beaches.

Sanuk’s brand is built around outdoor and beach living, so pairing with this kind of organization makes perfect sense for them. Surfrider Foundation is based in California and is dedicated to preserving the beaches that Californians love and enjoy. Sanuk claims that their happy place is their own backyard – for them, their backyard is the beaches of California – but they are committed to giving back on both a local and global level. Surfrider Foundation is invested in providing local educational sessions as well as leading beach cleanups to protect clean water, reduce plastic pollution, and defend the ocean and coastline from offshore drilling. 

Top 5 Selling Items

Furreal Chill Slide

Women’s shoes designed to smother your feet in thick, smooth fuzziness. Made from organic wool and perfect for lounging around, the Furreal Chill Slides resemble classic slippers but with a whole lot of extra added comfort. Available in two colour schemes, they come in funky plaid patterns. Made for leisure, they are the perfect at-home shoes or perfect for a casual outing.

Chiba Chill Cord

Men’s shoes designed to be both comfortable and stylish, they were inspired by classic corduroy trucker jackets from the ’70s. They’re a fun twist on classic loafers with an added layer of protective, super-warm fur that peeks out at the rim to add a layer of comfortable stylishness. These warm slip-on shoes have a fuzzy faux fur interior for extra warmth and comfort and are designed to be durable and worn anywhere, inside or outdoors. They are available in two colors – black and brown.

Kid’s Lil Puffer

Sanuk also makes amazing children’s shoes! The Kid’s Lil Puffer is a super comfortable and stylish kids boot that combines a sidewalk surfer silhouette with a warm and fuzzy faux interior. The footbed is made from a soft foam and the exterior is smooth but durable. It comes in a classic black and it is incredibly stylish for a kid’s fashion item. It is suitable for winter and outdoors.

Donna Hemp

The ladies hemp favorite is the stylish Donna Hemp. As Sanuk says, natural comfort has been legalized in America! So why not celebrate with some sturdy but stylish hemp shoes? Donna Hemp is casually elegant and delightfully comfortable. They’re made from hemp canvas and designed to withstand harsh weather and keep you looking fashion-forward and eco-friendly all at once without sacrificing feeling good. They are available in a range of neutral colors. 

Donna Hemp Chill

Donna Hemp Chill is just like the classic hemp favorite but warmed up! With an added layer of organic wool as a foot-cuddling fuzzy lining, they have the same classic look but with extra comfort and warmth. The exterior is made from hemp-based canvas and the slip-on style is the same as the classic Donna Hemp. They’re durable and extra comfortable – the perfect winter shoe built in a summer style. 

~ Final Thoughts

Sanuk truly lives up to their self-proclaimed status as a fun and inventive brand. The footwear they offer is remarkably different from most other products on the market. Their eco-friendly materials and their drive to protect the oceans is really the cherry on top! They’re not the brand to go to for high fashion items, but they are the brand to go to for products that feel good to wear and that are good for the environment!

~ Q&A’s

What is vegan footwear and how is it different from vegetarian footwear?

The difference lies in the wool. If the product label says vegetarian, then the textiles contain wool. If the product description says vegan, no animal products have been used.

Are other components of the shoes from animal products?

No – Sanuk ensures that no glues or any other components contain animal products besides the wool that they use.

Are the products waterproof?

Most but not all of the products are waterproof. You can check the product description if you are unsure. Leather and suede styles are subject to more water damage than others. 

How do I clean my Sanuks?

Non-leather shoes can be cleaned in a washing machine. Leather shoes should be cleaned with a spot cleaner.

Does Sanuk ship internationally?

Sanuk ships to almost everywhere. Currently, they ship to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and The United Kingdom. They also ship to everywhere in the United States.

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