Larry’s Coffee Review

~ At a Quick Glance

  • Founded: 1993
  • Origin: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Located: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Focus: sustainable coffee
  • Most Popular Item: Awake In Class 

~ Brand Details

Larry’s Coffee is an organic, fair-trade coffee brand that sources the finest coffee from all over the world. Always on the lookout for new sustainable sources, Larry’s coffee strives to deliver a plethora of coffee in every conceivable flavor, uncovering ethically sourced coffee beans from a long list of global locations, all known for their excellent coffee exports.

Viewing themselves as ‘coffee artists on a mission’, Larry’s coffee believes that business can be a force of good in an often evil world. Based in Raleigh’s Five Points Neighborhood, Larry’s occupies 3 office buildings with a coffee roaster in the center. In their production, they incorporate solar power, water heated floors, and rainwater driven restrooms. These are some efforts that they have made in their efforts to be a sustainable coffee brand. They have also fully recycled k-cups that they produce since the launch of the company.

All of Larry’s Coffee is organic, fair trade and shade grown. They are a certified B-Corporation, modeling the role of a business as a source of good in the world. Larry’s Coffee is a founding member of Cooperative Coffees – a group of independent coffee roasters who focus on importing coffee directly from farmers with the goal of defining a higher standard of partnership and fairness in the coffee industry. 

~ Backstory

Larry’s coffee is motivated by two goals – they want to bring you the best coffee from all over the world and they want to do it sustainably.

They are dedicated to delivering coffees that hit the sweet spot between the caramelizing flavors that come from roasting and enhancing the flavors that come from the origin of the beans. 100% organic, fair trade and shade-grown, they are all about delivering high quality at low expense to mother nature. 

Their website holds an open invitation to the public to stop by and have a look at their latest experiments in their coffee laboratory – this is where the magic happens, where Larry’s coffee works tirelessly to find the best methods of roasting coffee. 

One of the greatest things about their facilities is that their water is all rain harvested. They make us of colossal water tanks that harvest enough rain to power all of their bathrooms and their headquarters – because Larry’s Coffee knows that nature is the only way forward. The water is heated by solar panels that also warm the floors when winter hits.

In 2008, Larry’s Coffee launched the coffee industry’s first ever biodegradable bag. In 2014, they withdrew it, after learning that it was contributing to methane levels. This was one of the bumps in their journey to sustainability but luckily they are always growing, learning, and looking for ways to improve. 

Larry’s Coffee uses old whiskey barrels to age their coffee beans. When the barrels become unusable, they get converted into beehives! It is well known that businesses that depend on agriculture can harm species and the environment. Oppositely, Larry’s Coffee is working to save the bees and stop them from dying at alarming rates.

In another astonishing effort to upcycle waste, Larry’s Coffee utilizes and offers biodiesel to the public that comes from organic matter that is discarded in production. 

Products are ethically and sustainably sourced from all over the world. Their expansive range of coffee includes coffee from all the countries that are known to have the best coffee exports. Some of their finest imports are from Africa, where the coffee beans are of such a high standard but also inaccessible to most of the western world. 

Best known for their organically grown exquisite coffee blends from varying origins, Larry’s Coffee offers coffee excellence and their commitment to sustainability in their business makes it all the more delicious. 

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Larrys Coffee Review


~ Rating

5 STARS – Larry’s Coffee is of the most sustainable coffee brands and makes an effort to increase sustainability wherever possible, putting it before profits and seeing nature as a force to work with. In a world where coffee brands are destroying natural resources, Larry’s Coffee is a breath of fresh air. They make the finest coffee from all over the world available to US citizens and set the bar high for sustainable businesses to follow. 

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~ Brand Breakdown

Larry’s Coffee is smashing the idea that coffee is an inherently harmful business. Coffee is a global trend that is here to stay – Larry’s Coffee shows us how it can be done in a way that we can feel good about.

They are one of the most sustainable brands in an industry that has become infamous for the harm that most brands do. They are by no means a coffee monopoly but they are known and loved by coffee drinkers who want to defend the environment without sacrificing their caffeine buzz. 

Larry’s Coffee will continue to grow while sourcing all of the best coffee blends from around the globe and making them commercially available to Americans. As the world’s focus shifts more towards sustainability, they have nowhere to go from here but up. 


  • Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Shade Grown
  • Lets you try coffee from around the world


  • Not stocked in all shops
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Hard to find outside of USA

Larry’s Coffee is shade-grown and utilizes natural lighting, meaning that no artificial light is used. This is better for the coffee and for the environment – there’s no extra light pollution or carbon footprint from lighting sources, and coffee can grow in the way that nature intended. Where they do use lightbulbs in their productions, they make a point of using solar power and energy-saving solutions. When it comes to staying warm in winter, Larry’s coffee uses foam insulation in the place of heating.

Larry’s Coffee’s packaging is designed to be sustainable. Their single serve k-cups are recyclable, unlike the ones that many coffee brands use that are discarded after one use. The bags that they use are fully biodegradable. 

Larry’s Coffee fully utilizes not only solar power but even solar lighting. They have installed reflective flooring designed to bounce sunlight and minimize their lighting needs. This is achieved by using reflective paint. 

All of the beans that they slow-roast are 100% organic, fair trade and shade-grown. They compost all food waste, doing their part to minimize what ends up in a landfill. They use green energy wherever possible. Much of their operation is solar powered and it’s water comes from the rain. They utilize biodiesel where the sun cannot provide enough energy.  They sell it to the public, too!

Top 5 Selling Items


An organic coffee blend with beans originating in Bolivia. It has a gracefully smooth taste that is deliciously creamy on its own. Find it here

Costa Little Ricky

An organic coffee blend with a variety of beans. It’s one of the proud products out of Larry’s Coffee laboratory. It’s deliciously smooth and has a light but complex taste with a blend of nutty tones and a crisp finish. Find it here


Coffee straight from one of the world’s coffee hotspots. The Ethiopian blend is bold, spicy, flowery, a little dark and a little wild. Find it here


Another blend from one of Africa’s finest coffee exporters. Kenya coffee comes from the Kiambu region of Kenya where it is blended at the Kaibu Factory. The coffee is bright, juicy, sweet and complexly delicious. Find all here

Awake In Class

A seriously strong blend straight from the laboratory, awake in class is tailored to give you an extra kick of caffeine when a simple cup just won’t cut it. Flavored with dark cocoa, apricots, cherries, and walnuts, it’s 100% organic and will give you the edge that you need. For every bag purchased, Larry’s Coffee donates $2 to Wake County teachers and teaching assistants. This goes towards grant money is awarded to educators to benefit both them and their students.  Find all here

~ Final Thoughts

One of the easiest ways to capture the spirit of Larry’s Coffee is with a quote from their website: ‘Larry’s Coffee is part of a global movement that aims to make businesses a powerful force for good.’ 

Their coffee lets you taste the flavors of the world without hurting it.

~ Q&A’s

Are any of the coffee beans American grown?

Yes, Larry’s Coffee utilizes American farms and works with farms globally.

What happens at the coffee laboratory?

This is where Larry’s test flavors and finds new ways to make blends.

What renewable energy does Larry’s Coffee use?

Solar power is used wherever possible.

What country has the best coffee?

That depends on your taste – you can read descriptions of how coffee from each coffee tastes to get a good idea about what country’s coffee you might favor.

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