Stratco Review

~ At a Quick Glance

  • Founded: 1948
  • Origin: Australia
  • Located: Global
  • Focus: Garden and Homeware
  • Sustainable Materials: Metals
  • Most Popular Item: Vertical Garden 

~ Brand Details

Stratco is a brand that focuses on home and garden renovations – but the reason why we are highlighting them is actually because of their awesome indoor gardens that are making waves all over the web. Stratco comes from Australia where people generally have big gardens and a lot of space for renovations – but this is not the case for people all over the world, especially for those who live in densely populated cities.

There are a lot of studies that suggest that surrounding yourself with plants can greatly increase your happiness! So, does that mean you have to abandon your city living and buy a farm? Of course not – but an indoor garden could greatly contribute to your peace and state of mind!

Stratco sells a lot of top of the line garden gear, so it comes as no surprise that their indoor gardens are being so highly acclaimed. They are one of the largest producers and marketers of quality building and home improvement products in Australia and they sell online to the rest of the world.

Stratco has been around for 70 years evolving into the state of the art manufacturer that it is today. Their focus has been on both dominating Australia and claiming their place on the world stage. They always aim for quality and produce durable work. 

They had humble beginnings in 1940’s Adelaide, Australia, when a young A. E. Stratton established a plumbing company out of his home. He went through hard times but through the relentless support of his wife Mavis, he managed to establish himself. Stratco Metal Pty Ltd was officially born in 1948. From the beginning, they were focussed on quality, and they have since expanded their range far beyond plumbing. 

In the 1950’s they relocated to a large factory and began metal productions. This lead them to shed production, which lead them to home renovation and garden ware.  In the 1970’s they received awards and recognition, in the form of the Australian Design Award ad a Classic Design Award. There was nowhere to go but up from there. Stratco soon expanded into other countries, making their mark globally, while maintaining excellence in Australia.

The latest trend that they have latched onto to and excelled at is indoor gardening. Stratco has a series of pots that are designed for indoor use. They’re compact, functional, and designed to be mess-free. They also have vertical gardens for those who really don’t have space to waste or those who would just like to spruce up their walls.

Studies have repeatedly shown that nature makes us happy! So why wouldn’t you want to live in a fantastic indoor garden built by one of the most trustworthy brands?

Stratco Logo
Stratco vertical gardens


~ Rating

5 STARS – Stratco has spent the last 70 years proving their high quality and they are still breaking into new markets all the time. They’re an excellent brand and they are still growing even after 70 years. Their indoor gardens are enabling anyone to experience gardening, regardless of their living situation.

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~ Public Rating

~ Brand Breakdown

Stratco has evolved as a brand to fulfill all the household and gardening needs that anyone can imagine, and they still keep on evolving.

2019 has shown a huge increase in indoor gardens. As people move more towards the cities and away from nature, we can only imagine that this need will continue to skyrocket.

Stratco is one of the brands pioneering this movement. It’s probably safe to assume that they will continue to evolve their indoor gardens and that more ranges will be available in the future.

The current ranges are pretty simple but they are extremely efficient. They are able to grow any small plants and in any space.

Many of their products can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor use.

With Stratco, you’re not getting anything fancy or extravagant – you’re getting something durable and efficient. Then, you can put your own spin on it and make it your own.

The vertical indoor gardens that have become so popular are super customizable. Of course, the main magic that goes into them is the plants that you choose.

Stratco is making it possible for anyone anywhere to enjoy and benefit from the pleasures of gardening. Gone are the days where you need excessive space to get out your green thumb. You can live in a small city dwelling and still be surrounded by plants!


  • Trustworthy brand
  • Enabling people to have gardens anywhere
  • Encouraging gardening – a healthy activity 


  • Limited indoor gardens and pots at this point

Gardening is an inherently sustainable activity simply because the world needs more plants! There has been massive deforestation and urbanization in modern times and more plants are never a bad thing.

Top Selling Items

Stratco Vertical Wall Garden

It has never been easier to garden indoors. The Stratco Vertical Wall Garden comes with a basic frame that can stand alone or be attached to a fixture. You can arrange the pots on it however you like. The pots are cubed and forward hanging, allowing easy access. They are detachable and re-arrangeable. This product is the perfect solution to limited space and lets your love of gardening grow in any location. Find it here

Stratco Corrugated Raised Iron Flower Bed

A neatly sized flowerbed that can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s made from iron and designed to trap water to nourish plants. Find it here

Stratco Garden Beds

These simple but stylish garden beds come in all sizes and you can put them pretty much anywhere. They’re made from iron and designed to trap water and prevent messes while still giving your plants room to breathe. Suitable for indoor or outdoor gardening and equipped to home any small plants, these could be the perfect addition to your garden or to your home. Find it here

Stratco Wood Plastic Compost Elevated Garden Bed

This elevated garden bed can be used outdoors but it’s really ideal for indoor spaces. It’s designed to keep water inside and to hold your plants up off of the ground. It’s incredibly space-efficient because the design allows you to store other belongings underneath it. The wood plastic combination is not really equipped to live outdoors and face all the elements, so it probably appeals more to those who want to garden indoors than outdoors. Find it here

Self Watering Herb Pot

Designed to be fixed to a wall, this self-watering herb pot will keep your herbs going. It employs a hydroponic system to keep water flowing. It is easily mounted with two adhesive strips. It’s a modern, stylish solution to deliver fresh herbs to your kitchen. 

~ Final Thoughts

Stratco has proven the quality of their products and it has been proven that plants can make you happier. If you’re missing something in your city life, Stratco’s vertical gardens might just be the solution.

~ Q&A’s

What plants are suitable to grow indoors?

There are size constraints but anything small will work. You can grow herbs, flowers, vegetables or shrubs. There is no real limit except size.

Is the vertical garden portable?

Everything in the vertical garden can be detached, making it easy to transport and easy to assemble afterward.

Do I need to be a pro gardener?

Not necessarily, but some ground knowledge will definitely help. If you are hesitant to grow from scratch, you can always plant pre-bought plants in your vertical garden.

Is it available outside of Australia?

Yes! Stratco ships to all over the world and they have products on Amazon. They also provide products to some American shops, such as Bed Bath and Beyond. 

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