Wormsystems Review

~ At a Quick Glance

  • Origin: Austria
  • Located: Austria
  • Focus: Worm Composting
  • Sustainable Materials: Organic Waste
  • Most Popular Item: Wormsystem Earth Box 

~ Brand Details

Wormsystems has a simple message – organic waste is not waste. It is a resource.

Wormsystems develops solutions that transform organic waste into compost using earthworms. At the moment, they have two products – earth boxes and earth bags. Both solutions are simple to use, odorless, and masterfully designed to create a solution from a problem.

Far too many people do not value organic waste, and it can be difficult to utilize it, even when you do value it. Some people have compost patches in their gardens – but that’s pretty much impossible if you do not have a garden. 

A huge percentage of the average person’s trash is organic waste. Wormsystems knew that there had to be a better way to do things than to simply allow it to rot with the rest of the garbage.

Organic waste is a miraculous and vital resource. It can and should be utilized to the fullest extent possible! It’s not hard to do, and Wormsystem just makes it that much easier.

The earth boxes and bags work through the simple and natural process of vermicomposting. This process is what turns organic waste into a valuable resource. Wormsystems use the help of earthworms in high-quality worm castings. They are odorless, simple to use, and fun to watch.

About 30% of residual waste is organic, and it is usually either dumped in a landfill or burned in power plants. Neither of these options is viable solutions. Landfills are taking up more and more land every day. They emit greenhouse gases and contribute to our waste crisis. If 30% or the waste there is organic, then it does not need to be there at all! Burning waste uses fossil fuels and emits harmful gases in the process. It’s pretty easy to see that both of these options are causing unnecessary harm to the world.

The average person produces up to 60kg of organic waste per year. If they are not utilizing it, that adds up to a lot of waste being burnt or rotting away in landfills. Wormsystems has the solution.

Because they value organic waste as a resource, they want to help the rest of us learn how to use it too. Their website is extremely informative with fun videos to explain the process of vermicomposting.

Vermicomposting is the ultimate organic waste solution. Worms love organic waste! They can eat up to half of their body weight in it in a single day. Organic waste can be anything from kitchen scraps to agriculture waste, waste from restaurants, and any other industry that works with natural, edible, or biodegradable products. These products can be turned into the world’s best fertilizer and help to enrich the planet instead of polluting it. 

Vermicompost contains a lot of important nutrients such as phosphor, nitrogen, and fiber. And best of all, it is completely organic.

The vermicompost that comes from Wormsystem’s products can be used as fertilizer to grow any kind of plant and enrich nature. That seems like a much better solution than throwing it away. 

Wormsystems is motivated by a cleaner vision of the future where organic waste is valued and no longer viewed in the same category as common trash. They are dedicated to developing systems that transform organic waste into valuable compost. It’s actually very easy – and they are here to show us the way.

The earthworms and bacteria in Wormsystems earth boxes and bags break down biowaste into their basic substances. In this form, it is a rich and powerful fertilizer that can be consumed by plants.

Worm composting works odorless and takes up very little space. It’s also extremely effortless. No conversion is necessary and no extra work is required of you. Simply put your organic waste into the system and let it work its magic. 

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Wormsystems Brand Review


~ Rating

5 STARS – Wormsystem is providing a much-needed product that will help to solve the waste crisis that we are currently facing. Their products are so simple and easy to use that there is no longer an excuse to not utilize organic waste. Wormsystem’s is literally taking trash out of landfills and turning it into nutrients for the earth  – and that in itself is pretty amazing. 

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~ Brand Breakdown

Wormsystem’s message is pretty simple – they want us to realize that organic waste is a resource, not something to actually be wasted. We are living in a global waste crisis and the average person can dispose of 60kg of organic waste per year. That adds up really quickly! Wormsystems is offering a solution and helping the world by making organic waste into a resource.

In the future, it would be amazing to see them expand into larger markets by creating larger systems that restaurants and other establishments with excessive organic waste can use. At the moment, they only cater to small scale private users, but it’s a great start.

The concept of  Wormsystem’s products is not new, but they have spent time perfecting it and making it easier than ever.

As of 2019, they are still a small business with a small team, but they are growing as people start to understand the value of what they offer. As they expand and offer more products to suit more peoples’ needs, we will surely be seeing more of them.

Wormsystem’s products should be standard in every kitchen. People are recycling more and more – so why not reuse their organic waste, too?

There are other similar products available, but Wormsystem’s products are so space-efficient and effortless to use, making them one of the more appealing brands in this industry. 


  • Space efficient
  • Odorless
  • Allows you to utilize waste


  • Small systems not suitable for large scale use
  • Only utilizes biowaste

Top Selling Items

Urban Worm Bag

The Urban Worm Bag is made from a breathable material that keeps the worm bin aerobic. You feed it from the top and collect organic fertilizer from the bottom. It’s so easy to use and your organic waste can be transformed into potent vermicompost effortless. Worms can consume up to 1kg of organic waste per day inside the Urban Worm Bag. Find it here


The Wormbox is designed to be kept inside. It is made out of wood and it fits perfectly in a small space. The worms inside a Wormbox can digest 0,5kg of organic waste per day. It’s a smaller, more compact version of the earth bag and its suitable for no more than 3 people to utilize per day. Find alternatives here

~ Final Thoughts

Wormsystems off very simple products that have the ability to make a huge difference. It takes very little effort to use and in doing so, you not only enrich your plants but you lessen the load of the waste around you. It’s an excellent product and hopefully, using Wormsystems products will become the norm.

~ Q&A’s

How long does it take to get vermicompost from Wormsystems products?

The process happens almost immediately. You can expect returns on the same day.

What can I use the vermicompost for?

Vermicompost is a rich and nourishing compost that any plants will benefit from.

Can I use it if I don’t have a garden?

Yes! Wormsystems box is designed specifically for indoor use. There is no odor and it takes up so little space that you will not even notice it.

Can I put all waste in the Wormsystems products?

No – it is only suitable for biodegradable, organic waste. 

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