FinalStraw Review

~ At a Quick Glance 

  • Founded: October 2017
  • Origin: USA
  • Located: USA
  • Focus: reusable, portable straws 
  • Sustainable Materials: stainless steel
  • Most Popular Item:  FinalStraw 2.0

~ Brand Details

Plastic straws have become a global crisis. The waste is astronomical and contributing hugely to the total plastic mass on earth. Plastic straws go one step further in endangering the earth – as well as polluting the land, they pollute the sea, endangering marine life and ecosystems, and contaminate the food chain of marine life and ocean life.

As a result, sustainable straws have become a market of their own. FinalStraw is one of the rising innovative companies that have decided to take the plastic problem into their own hands.

Their mission is to create reusable, responsibly made products that reduce the need for plastics and empower individuals to change their buying habits, all while raising awareness of the impacts of consumers’ everyday decisions. 

FinalStraw’s research has shown that, on average, Americans will use 1.6 straws per person per day. That number adds up really quickly. It’s easy to think that your personal straw use isn’t a problem, but when you realize that Americans use enough straws to wrap the earth 2.5 times every single day, then you start to wonder if personal accountability is not important after all.

Straws are a particularly troublesome kind of waste. Because they are so lightweight, straws often blow away into oceans and waterways, even when consumers try to discard of them properly. FinalStraw is doing their part to eliminate plastic straw use. Some brands offer sustainable alternatives that are still single-use, but FinalStraw’s solution is a straw that can be used over and over. FinalStraw’s claim to fame is a collapsible, portable and reusable straw. It functions as a keyring and collapses into itself to fit into an easy-to-carry container. It comes with cleaning utilities, making it easy to use over and over. Made to be as durable as it is functional, FinalStraw aims to eliminate straw waste without depriving the public of the straw use. 

~ Backstory

FinalStraw was founded out of a passion for sustainability. Founded by Emma Rose Cohen; she recalls finding her passion for sustainability while roaming her college campus, feeling like she was drowning in a sea of plastic waste.

That feeling stuck with her throughout her college career. She went on to obtain a master’s degree in environmental management and sustainability at Harvard and then spent 4 years working at Los Alamos National Laboratory. As she watched waste before her eyes day in and day out, she was plagued by the thought that things could be better – that there had to be another way, until one day she quit her job to focus on her dream of creating a fun alternative to single-use plastics. 

FinalStraw began as a Kickstarter in April 2018. It struck a chord with the public, managing to surpass it’s intended fundraising goal within weeks. Aiming for $12,500, she knew that destiny had come to call her when she managed to raise a whopping $1.89million to get the business going. In the first year of business, FinalStraw sold more than 300,000 FinalStraws. Research indicates that this alone prevented around 27,000,000 single-use straws from entering the market.

The reusability and portability of FinalStraw is their main selling point. Some brands focus on green waste – FinalStraw would rather eliminate waste altogether.

The FinalStraw is a collapsible straw that extends into a 23cm tube, perfect for any beverage. It collapses into a 7cm stainless steel container and comes with a clip carabiner to be easily carried around. It functions as a cool keychain or fits easily into a bag or pocket. 

FinalStraw Logo and Review
FinalStraw Review and Specs


~ Rating

5 STARS – this generous rating comes from the brand’s high level of innovation and quality. FinalStraw stepped up in a time of crisis and delivered a much-needed product that is eliminating the need for single-use plastic one FinalStraw at a time. 

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~ Brand Breakdown

FinalStraw realized that people were not willing to part with straws, so they decided to make another option available – one that wouldn’t contribute to waste. The sustainable straw market is growing, but FinalStraw broke the trend of using sustainability in single waste fashion and created a product that lasts instead. 

This has given them their own edge in the industry. FinalStraw is a product that doesn’t need to be bought over and over. You can still use a straw and feel good about it every time.

FinalStraw is booming and only going up from here. The public support they’ve received shows that they’ve truly struck a chord with the public. FinalStraw will hopefully go global and eliminate the need for single-use plastic all around the world. 

FinalStraw advertises itself by becoming a key chain, clipping onto bags, or even being worn as fashion. It lets users advertise their availability eco-conscious lifestyle while showing the world a fantastic product at the same time. FinalStraw isn’t just a straw, it’s a fashion statement. 


  • Sustainable materials
  • Durable
  • Fashionable
  • Cost effective
  • Portable
  • Reusable


  • Cleaning in public spaces is not always ideal
  • Small parts can get lost

FinalStraw is eliminating the plastic waste crisis one straw at a time. They looked at the situation and realized that someone had to say, ‘this is the finalstraw’. If the fun colors, durability, and eco-friendliness aren’t enough to sell you on it, then nothing will.

FinalStraw is made with sustainable stainless steel and designed to last in the face of single-use straws both sustainable and destructive. 

Americans use over 500 million straws every single day, FinalStraw is doing something about it.

Top 5 Selling Items

FinalStraw 2.0

New and improved but with the same sustainability in mind. FinalStraw 2.0 is the ultimate reusable, collapsible straw. Available in a wide array of fun colors, like Sea Tir-Teal, Shark-Butt Grey, Healthy Coral, and Porpoise-Full Purple – the product is as fun as it is responsible. 

Made from sustainable stainless steel; it’s designed to last and made to be eco-friendly from production to the finished product. Equipped with a cleaning wand and in-depth care and cleaning instructions, the FinalStraw lets you take personal responsibility in a fun and easy way. 

It has food-grade silicone inside of the tubing, making it soft and easy to use. It expands to be 23cm long but collapses conveniently into an easy-to-carry portable case. 


FinalStraw sells stickers that let you show off your environmental stance in a trendy way. A fashion statement and an environmental statement all in one, the stickers display catchy slogans and bright colors and come in a variety of choices. 

All of the stickers are responsibly printed in Cleveland, Ohio. The facility is wind-powered and utilizes recycled paper. Their printers are also designed to use 15% less electricity and produce less waste than conventional printers. All production waste is recycled, reused or reclaimed and broken down with 100% biodegradable organic solvents. 

Stickers come with the following slogans: 

  • Whales Are Cool
  • SuckResponsibly
  • Mermaid AF
  • SharksRule
  • F*ck Plastic Turtle

Solo Straw

A single straw without the casing, as sustainable and reusable but more budget-friendly. It comes in all the fun colors of the FinalStraw 2.0. It’s made from durable stainless steel, designed to last and be used over and over. 

They are also designed to be a replacement straw for the FinalStraw. FinalStraw is pretty impressively durable, but they are not immune to dogs, garbage disposals, theft or forgetfulness – so if you need a replacement, the Solo Straw will serve you well. 

2.0 Cleaning Brush

Just like your FinalStraw can fall victim to the ills of fate, so can your cleaning straw. That’s why FinalStraw offers a replacement. It’s cheap and designed to be durable, but not as durable as the straw itself, so it’s pretty likely that you will need to replace the brush before the straw. 


FinalStraw offers carabiners to keep your FinalStraw close. The clip to put your FinalStraw on a keychain is made from stainless steel and designed to be more durable than a simple commercial carabiner. It is included with the FinalStraw 2.0, but they also offer it separately in case you need another one or two. It can be used to clip the FinalStraw to a keychain, a bag, your clothes, a hook in your kitchen, or anything else that you can think of. 

~ Final Thoughts

FinalStraw is a new product that is already shining, receiving massive support for its vision. They aim to educate the public and to eradicate the need for single-use plastic. The first collapsible, portable, reusable straw has already seen a ton of copy cat brands follow in its plight, highlighting the greatness of the concept. FinalStraw is committed to the sustainability and preservation of wildlife. They’re a revolutionary brand well worth supporting. 

~ Q&A’s

What motivated FinalStraw?

FinalStraw is fully motivated by the plastic waste crisis.

Are the materials sustainable?

Yes – they are sustainably sourced and sustainable due to their durability.

How long is FinalStraw designed to last?

As long as you look after it! FinalStraw is designed with longevity in mind and can aid you for many years.

Does it need to be cleaned?

Yes – it needs to be cleaned, especially when used for sugary, sticky drinks. Luckily, FinalStraw makes cleaning easy by including a cleaning wand and instructions on how to best keep it spotless. 

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