K-Tor Review

~ At a Quick Glance

  • Founded: 2011
  • Origin: Colchester, Vermont
  • Located: USA
  • Focus: human energy powered generators
  • Sustainable Materials: recycled plastic
  • Most Popular Item: K-TOR Pocket Socket Refurbished

~ Brand Details

K-TOR is an innovative technology company that develops tools to harvest human energy. Viewing human energy as the new renewable energy, they have created power generators to harvest this resource. K-TOR makes phone chargers and power banks that run on human power. They are the latest solution to the energy crisis we are in and their products fill a gap in renewable energy, of which availability can change due to uncontrollable circumstances such as the weather. 

K-TOR power generators are designed to be as convenient as possible – they are portable and harvest human energy by converting kinetic energy into electricity. Their mission is to deliver power to every person on earth by focusing on developing and manufacturing sustainable, green, human energy generators that are portable and reliable enough to operate anywhere on the planet. 

~ Backstory

K-TOR portable power generators are manufactured in Vermont and North Carolina, USA. The fully American products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Designed to enable efficient conversion of human kinetic energy into volts, K-TOR is the new face of alternative energy. They deliver green power whenever you need it, regardless of the circumstances.

In power outages and storms, K-TOR generators are still reliable. When there is no wind and sun, K-TOR generators can still be used. As long as there is human power to generate, K-TOR will deliver. Their products provide a powerful resource in emergency situations as well as being an impressive alternative to harmful conventional energy and unreliable green energy solutions. 

The generators provided by K-TOR can be used to power a wide range of devices for any situation. From communication devices to entertainment, K-TOR sees human energy as the ultimate solution. 

Generators come in pedal power and hand crank models. In an emergency situation, they provide an answer where before there was none. 

The patented technology has allowed K-TOR to reach new heights of efficiency. Unlike any other similar technology available, K-TOR generators output 120 volts of electricity, which is the standard for all electrical outlets in the USA. 

In too many situations, access to electricity can be scarce and unreliable. K-TOR’s mission is to solve this problem. Their products promise to be of high-quality caliber and consist of durable materials designed to operate for years. Most are under full warranty, meaning that K-TOR products will not let you down when electricity sources do. K-TOR’s portability is another main selling point. Their products are designed to deliver in any location regardless of external circumstances. 

K-TOR devices are designed to be small, lightweight, and portable. Their hand-cranked devices are roughly the size of a bottle of water and made with the utmost of convenience in mind. 

K-TOR functions amazingly as a travel battery; great for explorers, travelers, hikers, and campers. Their products aren’t only strong enough to charge a flashlight; some even come with flashlights! They are built with emergency situations in mind but designed to be strong and functional enough for everyday use, too.

In the event of an emergency situation such as a flood or a hurricane, K-TOR offers a solution. K-TOR products could be the difference between life or death in an extreme situation. More reliable than other renewable energies, K-TOR sees human energy as the green energy of the future.

K-TOR Product Review
K-TOR Pocket Socket 2


~ Rating

4 STARS – K-TOR is delivering innovative products in an untapped market. Their products are not completely efficient and could be improved to deliver more energy, but there is great potential in what they are doing. 

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~ Brand Breakdown

The green energy revolution is making us think of energy in new ways. K-TOR has gone one step further than most brands by aiming to harvest an energy that most of us have in abundance and yet make no use of. K-TOR is following the green energy trend but in a completely new way.

Of all the green energy solutions that we have seen in recent years, K-TOR offers one of the most reliable solutions. While not as efficient as some similar alternatives, K-TOR generators are more dependable in crisis situations. They work with an energy that can almost always be harvested, unlike other green energy alternatives that can be weather dependant.

Hopefully, K-TOR will continue to develop into a more powerful product that can offer energy solutions in a much bigger way. 

As of 2019, K-TOR products will not deliver enough electricity to function off alone, but they do offer portable solutions that are especially geared towards emergency situations. 

K-TOR generators are limited but they are still incredibly functional.


  • Portable
  • Recycled materials
  • Green energy
  • Infinite energy
  • Reliable
  • Durable


  • Limited power
  • Excludes people with disabilities

K-TOR products are one of a kind and offer a solution to our current energy crisis that lets you take the situation into your own hands – literally! They are especially attractive when viewed through the lens of an emergency situation.  K-TOR products could mean the difference between life and death. Besides this dramatic truth, they also offer an eloquent solution to charging devices on-the-go and can help people cut down on their energy consumption and therefore lower their carbon footprint. 

Top Selling Products

Pocket Socket 2

K-TOR’s hand-cranked technology has delivered the Pocket Socket 2, the follow-up to their popular first Pocket Socket charger. Improved with customer feedback and extensive testing, the Pocket Socket two is a reliable and functional portable charger that works with hand-cranked energy. 

The original prototype has been improved with stronger power, improved electronics, and is composed of durable polycarbonate plastic. It has molded, patterned grips for secure handling and comes in earth-friendly packaging.

The Pocket Socket hand-cranked power banks are small, portable, and ideal for charging smartphones, cameras, tablets, laptops, and other portable devices. It generates 10watts of electricity at 120 volts; enough to power devices with green, kinetic human energy. Especially useful in emergency situations, Pocket Socket can be relied on when other power sources fail.

The Pocket Socket is designed to emulate American plugs but can also be adapted to the two-pin European power points. They are designed to accommodate global standards and can work with any rechargeable device. 

Designed to be easy to use with an easy-to-grip knob, Pocket Socket works with left-handed or right-handed cranking. It doesn’t matter if it goes clockwise or counterclockwise, the pocket socket will deliver. It is small and lightweight, making it portable, functional, and practical. 

Pocket Socket Refurbished

The Pocket Socket Refurbished is an even higher quality version of the Pocket Socket 2. It has all of the same features, but with some improvements and a full warranty. 

Designed to be fully functional anytime and anywhere, the Pocket Socket Refurbished is the latest in K-TOR’s Pocket Socket Technology.

The main distinction between the Pocket Socket 2 and the Pocket Socket Refurbished, is that the Pocket Socket Refurbished is built with even more durable materials, meaning that K-TOR can deliver it with a warranty thanks to its added durability. 

Power Box

K-Tor’s Power Box is a pedal-powered generator that provides consistent electrical power from human kinetic energy. It is portable and perfect for anyone who needs a generator in any situation. It can deliver much more power than the Pocket Socket chargers while remaining as reliable and functional. 

The Power Box is an innovative eco-friendly alternative to conventional electricity generators. Fully functional anytime and anywhere, it is capable of charging a wide variety of electronic devices. 

The Power Box is a bit more weighty than the pocket sockets, but it is also more functional. It has a standard 120volt output, which is the American standard. It can also be adapted to fit European plugs. 

Designed to be durable, reliable, and functional, the Power Box will deliver power when other options fail.

The Power Box 50

A larger, more powerful power generator than the standard Power Box, the Power Box 50 is fittingly named so because it is a 50-watt generator. It is a 14 volt, 3 amp generator. K-TOR even offers custom configurations for this product. 

The Power Box 50 is a mark of the ethics of K-TOR, who strive to deliver power solutions to any situation and under any circumstances. It is portable, durable, and extremely functional.

Composed of recycled polycarbonate plastics, it is under full warranty by K-TOR and promises to be durable and deliver power for many years. 

Emergency Disaster Kit 50

The emergency Disaster Kit is K-TOR’s all-in-one solution to power problems. Combining their most innovative technologies into one, it is both a 50-watt pedal generator and a 10 watt, 120 volt USB hand-crank generator bundle.

These combined products give the flexibility of Pocket Sockets combined with the added functionality of Power Box technology. Designed especially for an emergency situation, the Emergency Disaster Kit 50 can charge multiple devices at once and can harvest more human energy than any other product on the market.

The Emergency Disaster Kit 50 comes equipped with a flashlight and a 12 volt to USB converter. It accommodates emergencies, but can also cater to any other situation and is designed, like other K-TOR products, to provide human solutions to electrical problems. 

~ Final Thoughts

K-TOR sees human energy as the green energy of the future and they are going to great lengths to make this a reality. They are a uniquely innovative tech company that is worth getting behind. The future that K-TOR envisions and is manifesting with their work is much brighter than a future reliant on fossil fuels and more reliable than a future reliant solely on fluctuating sources of other renewable energy. Human energy is readily available in abundance, so why not use it?

~ Q&A’s

How long do K-TOR products last?

K-TOR generators are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Most come with a one year warranty.

Where are K-TOR products manufactured?

K-TOR products are all made in the USA.

K-TOR products are made of plastic, so are they really sustainable?

K-TOR uses durable, recycled plastic and they harvest renewable energy. There is room for improvement but they are extremely sustainable.

Can K-TOR products fully charge my devices?

Yes – if you put the work in!

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